Copyright information to the Patch Poppets PDF sewing patterns and tutorials © 2018 Andrea Komornik


  • The whole content of the Patch Poppets tutorials is Andrea Komornik’s intellectual property.
  • It is illegal to copy, resell or share (physically or online) parts or the whole of the pattern pieces and/or the tutorials without my written permission. (The prohibition also applies to forwarding the pattern to your friends.) Violation of the law may have legal consequences.
  • You may make modifications to the patterns, but please do not use them to make a toy that is another design of mine.


Can you sell toys made from a Patch Poppets PDF sewing pattern?


You may sell, in limited numbers, handmade items you make using my patterns as long as you follow these conditions:

  • Please keep a copy of the receipt you get from me as a proof of your purchase.
  • The toys must be made by you (the buyer of the pattern), in limited numbers, by hand, one at a time. Mass-production is strictly forbidden!
  • In craft fairs, the toys must be tagged or labelled with the wording “made from a Patch Poppets pattern”.
  • If you are selling the toys online (in your webshop, Etsy shop, Facebook shop, etc.), in the listing description you must give credit to Patch Poppets as the pattern designer AND include a link to my website:
  • You must still give credit to Patch Poppets as the designer of the original pattern AND include a link to even if you made modifications to the pattern. This credit needs to be given in the online listing description or on the label or tag of the toy in a craft fair as mentioned above.


Thank you for respecting my hard work, effort and time I put into creating the Patch Poppets sewing patterns.

If you have any questions, please contact me: